イケボーイ -脱出ゲーム MOD APK 2.1.0

イケボーイ -脱出ゲーム MOD APK 2.1.0

MOD Information of イケボーイ -脱出ゲーム Premium (Cracked) for android

App Name イケボーイ -脱出ゲーム
Package Name air.jp.globalgear.boy
Version 2.1.0
Rating ( 4474 )
Size 57.3 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Updated 2021-03-18
Installs 500,000+
Genres Casual, Games
MOD Features -Unlimited Money

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27.「無茶はよせ!」 それでもアイツはかかんに挑んだ。
方 How to play
・ Various things happen when you tap the screen.
・ If you get an item, swipe to the place you want to use.
・ When the start button is pressed, the hero starts to act.

Even if you stumble to solve the mystery, you can see the hints.

お す す め Recommended point
・ It is completely free and easy, so it is safe for children. Recommended for mothers and children!
・ Everyday ‘Aru-Aru’ element, full of play once played by everyone!
・ If you can do this, it is cool and full of cool elements!
・ Play with your school friends and family to create a topic!
・ Because of moderate difficulty, 脳 also for brain training
・ Able to enjoy people who are not good at escape games!
-Easy escape, a mystery solving game that brings back a little nostalgic memory.

ス テ ー ジ Stage introduction
01. School entrance and exit. That child who forgot the umbrella.
02. Graffiti. He reached for a block that was likely to collapse.
03. A small bartender “from those customers.”
04. After-school exercise. The lifting of the guy can not be imitated by anyone.
05. Stair slip. He fell like a bird.
06. Hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred, shoot the trash can.
07. morning sun Keyboard harmonica. drawing board. That day when going to school is difficult.
08. Game Center. He can’t break his hand in the game.
09. Do not spill one drop of milk. I can not blink tablecloth pulling.
10. Sports gym where old and young men and women sweat. A guy who lifts the barbell with a cool face.
11. School lifts. That child who forgot the umbrella. Part 2
12.Turn the ball with your fingertips. A ball that forgot to stop.
13. Game Center. Part 2
14. Who is the culprit of eating pudding? There is no mystery that can not be solved by the guy.
15. A date mission to return. Keep an eye on the little gentleman.
16. Even if there is a ghost, the guy can not move.
17. Rival appearance. Valentine chocolate get operation.
18. Art Festival, Opening Day. I am seriously worried about acting of the guy.
19. A bug came into the classroom. The guy does not abandon one small life.
20. Festival date. After all the center of the festival is the guy.
21. Small bartenders. Part 2
22. There are times when a man has to fight. Even my best friend.
23. He’s holding a concert for one person.
24. Even if the age is different, cool guy.
25. The cheeks fall and fall in love. Miracle Cooking.
26. PC class. That child’s PC is full of viruses, a big pinch.
27. “No way!” Still, she challenged Kanakan.
28. Sports day. Red and white dance rhythm confrontation by the cheering leader.
29. Cleaning time. Rescue the child who is wall dong.
30. One brave arrives at the temple. There seems to be a sword that only the cool guy can pull out.

ID: air.jp.globalgear.boy

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